Faversham Creek

The end of an era for shipbuilding in Faversham

From Faversham News, 24th May

End of era as last dry dock goes

This week marked the end of an era of shipbuilding in Faversham as the last dry dock left Standard Quay.

The last of the vessels, which are used for the construction, maintenance, and repair of boats, left the Quay yesterday.

Owner Tim Goldsack, master shipwright on the Cambria restoration who has worked at the Quay for the last 16 years, said: “We are moving on to a new site at Oare.”

“I do not think that we will fit in with the plans for Standard Quay. We have carried on working here for the last year and it has been a reasonably sufficient but it not ideal.”

The news has been met with sadness from campaigners who say this means the end of maritime employment at Standard Quay.

Sue Cooper, a Save Standard Quay campaigner, said: “We have been scared this will happen for a long time.”

“The current proposals for Standard Quay show car parking spaces but you cannot repair and maintain barges without land.”

“This is about the land making money and not employment.”

“There are small workshops but the proof is there, the workers are going, the barges are going. The main HQ for the Cambria is now Gravesend, there is nothing to hold it here now.”

“There will be a few people maintaining barges there but nothing like before. There were three dry docks, now there are none.”

Michael White, landlord of the space rented by Mr Goldsack at Standard Quay, said: “Maritime employment at the Quay will carry on. We have five workshops and four of them are taken with people who carry out maritime employment.”

“We also give a subsidy to people who have a maritime industry. The barges come to Faversham in the winter and go away in the summer. This always happens.”

Image from: http://standardquay.com/


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