Kent Communist Party

Kent Communists’ New Leaflet: Britain’s banking system equals organised crime

Britain’s banking system equals organised crime

Al Capone got eleven years for tax evasion. Look at what Britain’s banks have done!

  • Mis-sold pension schemes – robbing more than one million people of £13 billion in company pensions
  • Mis-sold and secretly charged loan insurance –robbing up to 12 million people of £8 billion
  • Fiddled the Libor interest rates – then charged people £ billions in higher loan costs
  • Laundered money for dictators, crooks and big business throughout the world
  • Helped the rich and big business avoid tax, stashing more than £3,000,000,000,000 in global tax havens and secret bank accounts

Why aren’t the top bankers in prison?

Communists say nationalise the City of London to invest in housing, jobs, industry and the environment!