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End Child Poverty in Kent

Across Kent children and families and suffering at the hands of wave after wave of cuts to the services they rely on.

Suffering from decades of deindustrialisation and underinvestment, the county also has some of the poorest boroughs in the South East. High levels of unemployment, wage freezes in public sector jobs and a lack of council housing too have all pushed the residents of regions like Medway, Thanet and Swale into an ever greater struggle to make ends meet.

It is no wonder then that in these areas child poverty is among the highest in the country.

In Thanet, despite some parts of the Old Town seeing a gentrified regeneration, 8314 children are estimated to live below the poverty line – that is 28%, over 1 in 4 children in the district.

In Swale, incorporating Sittingbourne, Faversham and the Isle of Sheppey, the figure is 7846 or 25% of children.

In Medway, it is 14141 or 23% of all children in the area.

(Source: 2012)

1 in 4

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Working people, the unemployed, the disabled and, in particular, children did not cause the financial crisis. The evidence shows that they are the ones paying the price of the greed of a deregulated banking system, Tory small state ideology and cuts to services that families rely on.

The Communist Party is working in Kent to fight these cuts and the cruelty of Con-Dem policies.

Work with us to:

  • end job losses and invest public money to create new jobs
  • reverse cuts to child benefit, tax credits and housing benefits
  • end a wage freeze that is cutting real incomes by up to 3% a year
  • fight for a rent-cap and new council houses to make housing affordable
  • fight for more free local nursery and creche facilities
  • end fuel poverty by taking gas and electricity into public ownership

We have produced a new series of leaflets for Medway, Swale and Thanet that are being handed out in the street and on the doorstep, and we’re talking to local residents about their experiences.

Join us and together we can put an end to child poverty in Kent.

Download the leaflets: