Public Ownership

Break the taboo on public ownership


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by Robert Griffiths

On August 29, when Labour and the House of Commons voted against war in Syria, they broke an important political taboo. They defied the diktats of US foreign policy and upheld the sovereignty of the people of Britain.

The interests of the peoples of Britain and Syria prevailed over those of the US military-industrial complex.

Now we need to break another political taboo, urgently.

The case for public ownership of essential industries and services needs to be put, boldly and publicly.

The corporate monopolies and their so-called ‘free market’ are failing to provide decent jobs, wages, services, living standards or security for many millions of people.

While a tiny minority of the super rich continue to get richer by the week, the majority of people struggle to pay the bills.

Big business are by-words for greed, corruption, tax dodging, waste and incompetence.

Six huge corporations now dominate…

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