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Kent cuts condemned


Defend our public services from Tory Cuts!
KCC have announced a proposed £80.4 million in cuts this year with an additional £33million cuts to come over the next two years.
Council staff face £9million in cuts. Adult Social care cut by £13.3million. Kent Highways cut by £600,000. School transport for Special Educational Needs students cut by £2million! An increase in Council Tax
Join us in the lobby of Kent County Council.
Bring banners and placards.
0800 outside County Hall Maidstone
Full KCC meeting Thursday 20th October
Kent County Council cuts condemned

Kent communists today called for the withdrawal of Kent County Council’s planned expenditure cuts.
The party called for a big turnout for Thursday’s lobby of the KCC.

The party said: “Kent County Council have destroyed over two thousand jobs over the past six years. The £500 million it has ‘saved’ represented a damaging blow to the local economy and disaster for the families of those whose jobs have disappeared.

“Now KCC plans to destroy another 400 jobs and take out another £108 million.

The blame for this disastrous policy lies principally with the government but Kent County Council’s Tory majority is complicit.

“Stopping these cuts is just the first step in changing the direction local government takes in our county.
We need a council that actively fights for a productive economy, protects manufacturing and quality jobs, delivers high quality public services and safeguards our environment.

“A council in the service of the people would be building thousands of houses and cutting school class sizes. Instead KCC is swinging the axe on behalf of the government.

“Beyond our local battles there is a big picture. The EU referendum result is a big opportunity to win an alternative to austerity and for fresh investment in public services. Many who voted Leave did so in anger at austerity policies that result from the EU financial straitjacket. But those who voted for Remain are equally angry at austerity polices and the cuts.

“Many people did not understand that it is the system of EU treaties which limits our spending on public services, health and housing and which led to the Private Finance Initiative disaster.”

Download Kent Communist party’s newspaper here



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