Priorities for 2014

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There is NO contradiction between building the mass movement and building the Party. The Party can only grow in size and influence where the mass movement is building in strength. This PCDP for 2014 should be approached in conjunction with that from January 2013 “Priorities for Communist Party Organisations” which made it clear, “This strategic document sets out our top ten priority areas of work over the coming 18 months to two years…”. We are now in January 2014 – nearly half way through that period. The priority areas in that document hold good… but this document suggests essential and practical steps that every Party organisation can and must take RIGHT NOW and throughout 2014.

Our Party Organiser bulletin will report on examples of the problems, solutions and progress brought about as Branches, Districts, Nations, Commissions, Trade Union Advisories and Party Committees work on these areas. Please make sure you report on progress in order that Party Organiser can pass on all the lessons learnt.

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